1. Exchange your old Vehicle with your Favorite vehicle.

2. You will be registered for the same amount as you exchange your vehicle.

3.On depositing the vehicle in the warehouse, you will get a bank guarantee or promissory note from an A to Z dealer.

4.We guarantee that your vehicle will be exchanged within 90 days after the vehicle is deposited at the company warehouse.

5.If your vehicle is not exchanged within 90 days, then you can take your vehicle return, or you can deal with the company in cash

6.You can buy unlimited vehicles using 75% discount wallet and 25% cash for any vehicle exchange/buy

7.You will have to pay 10% exchange charges to the company on buying the vehicle

8.Do not deal with any agent other than the authorized dealer and company. The company will not be held responsible for this.

9.If there is any legal matter between the customer dealer agent and the company, then it will be settled in the Satara Court, Satara Maharashtra-415002, the company's jurisdiction.

10.The company has kept all other terms and conditions in its favor.

Franchisee Terms

Find the franchisee terms in below Document.